Tessa Steenbergen

PVMSC Training

Together with ResultsinHealth we organised a 3-day training on the “Participatory Video/Most Significant Change” (PVMSC) technique in The Hague, the Netherlands. PVMSC is one of several new and exciting participatory Monitoring and Evaluation methods. Participants in the training came from many organisations and countries (i.e. Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Myanmar, Switzerland and The Netherlands). Their various skills, experiences and cultural backgrounds led to a rich learning process and dynamic discussion over the 3 days. The training combined the practice and theory of PV/MSC.

Participants responded quite positively: “This training exceeded my expectations – I learned a great deal!” and “It was far better than I expected”. Another comment was that collecting MSC stories, prioritising them, and bringing them to life in a story video was actually great fun.



Project Details

Client: ResultsinHealth

Date: oktober 5, 2016

Facilitator Participatory Video