Tessa Steenbergen

Clublinking Promo

‘Expand your world, link your club’. With this Clublinking program, the KNVB wants to involve organized sporting youth (age 15-25) in international cooperation. A clublink is a cooperation between a sportclub in the Netherlands and a sport club or project in a developing country. The goal of the program is to enlarge the world of Dutch, sporting youths and stimulated them to become world citizens.

This compilation video gives a short illustration of the program with in total 15 clublinks. Footages are mainly shot by the youths themselves, who were trained in video skills and storytelling before their trip. The method used to train the youths is called ‘participatory video’. For more information and examples of this method, see my website: tessasteenbergen.nl

Project Details

Client: KNVB

Date: 06/05/2015