Tessa Steenbergen

Horn of Africa Climate Change Project

This video report, “Landscapes Beyond Boundaries”, is entirely filmed by participants of the Horn of Africa Climate Change Program, during a participatory video training trajectory. The video report shows the results of a four years’ ‘Landscape Learning Journey’, connecting landscape professionals throughout the Horn of Africa. Landscape Facilitators from existing organizations in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somaliland, South Sudan and Sudan in the Horn of Africa, came together in Kenia to reflect upon 4 years of work in the Horn of Africa Climate Change Program.

During a full-week workshop, I trained these landscape facilitators on how to use the Participatory Video and Most Significance Change methods. After this week, participants went back to their countries to collect and film stories of significant change amongst people living in their landscapes. Half a year later they came together again to share and celebrate the results. How excited and proud they were to see all what has happened in their fellow countries over the past years! Watch this movie to see how our Journey literally changed the lives of many.


Project Details

Client: Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation

Date: april 11, 2019

Participatory Video Training
Coaching and advice
Video editing