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Football connects

In the craziness around this year’s World Cup, I am working on a film that shows how people from different countries connect through football. Young Dutch football players decided to link their club with an Ethiopian sports team and participate in an exchange program to Ethiopia. It’s always beautiful to see the magic happening when two cultures meet. Horizons are openend and prejudices altered. Sport is the connecting factor that makes all other differences fall away.

It reminds me of my first trip to Uganda during my studies in rural development. My eyes were opened wide to the differences in the world and never looked the same again. One participant strikingly expresses: “You must have seen something in real life before you to have a complete picture. This applies not only to a country, but also to people!” Through this life-changing experience, participants will look at the world with different eyes.

Clublinking, a program of the KNVB, connects Dutch sports teams with similar teams around the world, to show young people that they play a role in a world where we are all bear responsibility for. As part of the program the participants film their activities and experiences during the trip. From these video’s I produce a documentary film, which will be use for promotion and reflection by the team and their supporters. Back to my roots with work that I love doing the most!






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Posted: juli 8, 2014


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